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Apple Gets It

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Okay, I rest my case.

When the 800 lb. gorilla, also known as Apple, is willing to open its gates, it's incredibly restrictive gates I might add, to self-publishers, you have to pay attention.

Y'know why Apple's opened iBooks to self-publishers?

Because that's where the money is.  Apple is currently doing so well that they might as well be printing their own money.  They get that the DIY/DIWO aesthetic is only going to gain ground, not fade away.  When you have BoingBoing's Frauenfelder coming out with his book, Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World, and all these other advocates for a self-made world, if you have half as much sense as Apple, you get with the program.

I may hate their DRM.  I hate how restrictive their platform is.

But they make gear that my mother and my grandfather can use.  They make gear that my five-year-old can use.  Ubiquitous.  Easy.  And dead sexy.  Their design monkeys know exactly how to push the "Ooo! Shiny!" button on every primate on the planet.

Deschooling Gently by our Tammy Takahashi got chosen as one of the first titles to be submitted to the iBookstore.  I fully expect it to do well there, when it gets approved. 

Personally, I'll never give up paper.  It's a fetish.  I know.  But for every day?  I gave a manuscript to Bill to read/review.  Did I give him paper?  No.  I gave him a digital file.  And do you know what he showed me on Wednesday at our weekly lunch?  He had the novel on his iTouch.

400 pages of text, in a device the size of his hand.  If he had an iPad, I know it would have been on that.  Most of New York Publishing already uses Kindles or Sony eReaders to read slush.  Bags that were once weighed down by multiple huge manuscripts are now noticeably lighter and carry only two or three devices now, a Reader, a phone and a laptop/netbook.

This is the future.  Books aren't going away.  But as Madam Editor and I constantly refrain to each other, "Feed the Beast."

We mean the Audience.  We mean you.  Apple gets this.  I can't wait to see what happens.

- Madam Publisher